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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2 Baseball Lunch Ideas

It's already October which means it's soon time for the baseball World Series games and then at least a couple of fun Halloween themed lunches! Life is slightly hectic this year since Nikolai started a new grade at a new school with many more after school activities. I'm sure many of you can relate to this. I'm certainly not complaining as there will be only so many of these precious school years. After that, he'll get his drivers license and will be driving himself off to college. Every day is special and we should treasure them all.

I've always wanted to make baseball themed lunches since Nikolai enjoys baseball very much, and hubby was, I guess, his first coach back when he started playing with those plastic bat and ball sets. Remembering when they went shopping for gloves together can't help but bring a smile. Those days are very much treasured memories and remain fresh as just yesterday.

Baseball field sport bento lunch in a Planetbox.

Bento lunch 1: In the photo above is a baseball themed bento lunch featuring a sandwich with the in-field and bases free hand cut from Colby and Provolone cheese (hubby had me include a pitcher's mound?) and a bat from the crust at the end of the loaf connecting with the baseball pick for a home run. Also included are organic baby carrots with sugar snap peas, a granola bar, a yogurt covered star and some strawberries with another baseball pick.

Baseball and glove sport bento lunch

Bento lunch 2 in Planetbox: The lunch shown above includes a ball and glove sandwich made with our Lunch Punch Sporty set, a granola bar and Annie's organic snacks, a yogurt covered star, some mango chunks, and red seedless grapes with a baseball pick.

Any baseball fans here?

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1 comment:

  1. I love both of the lunches, very cool! My sons are baseball fans!!




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