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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Jack - O - Lantern Halloween Bento

The countdown to Halloween begins! I have to refrain from looking at Halloween decorations! Whenever I enter a store to purchase groceries or any other items, my legs will automatically take me to the Halloween section, LOL. Last year, I went overboard and now I find I have a huge excess of Jack-O-Lanterns, witch hats, caldrons, and spooky plastic body parts, bats, and spiders. Not a few extra, rather way too many!

For my first Halloween lunch of this year I'll share my favorite Jack-O-Lantern!  I'll try to make at least a few other very simple ones soon. You can find my previous Halloween lunches HERE, over 50 of them. Here is my first one of this year and it's my favorite, the Jack-O-Lantern. Nikolai spotted some cute Babybel cheese with Halloween wrappers at the grocery store. I promise, this time it's not only me.

Jack - O - Lantern Halloween Bento Lunch in Easylunchboxes

In this bento lunch:
  • A Jack-O-Lantern sandwich made using cutter for the eyes and mouth.
  • The same cutter was used to cut the cheese over the seedless red grapes in the pumpkin shaped silicone cup.
  • Sugar snap peas.
  • Babybel cheese.
  • Apple slices.
  • Crackers with a 'BOO' pick.
 This lunch was packed in an Easylunchboxes container.

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