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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

4 Cute Animal Themed Lunches

One idea I truly love is that of getting, and keeping ready at hand, one set of cutters from which I'm able to create several different and fun lunches. They are especially convenient for those times when I feel like packing something cute, but just seem to have momentarily run out of ideas. These critter cutters from the lunch punch set are absolutely adorable and as always, you can go with or without the accents and your lunches will still turn out cute. All of the cutters I used to create these lunches came in the one set, which for those who have multiple lunches to make every day, might provide an easy way to keep them organized. It surely is crazy fun being a parent!

4 Cute Animal Themed Lunches created with the lunch punch critter set. Butterfly, Dog, Elephants, Dolphins

These lunches were enjoyed by Nikolai a few months ago and it's about time that I post them.

Butterfly Bento Lunch In Planetbox

Bento lunch 1: Butterfly themed in which I used the butterfly cutter from our lunch punch set, added a few cheddar cheese accents on the sandwich and used honey as glue. The adorable eyes pick completed the look. Sides are cheese crackers, Babybel cheese which I used a small butterfly cutter for the cut-out, sugar snap peas, choc covered sunflower seeds and seedless red grapes. This lunch is pack in a Planetbox rover.

Dog In Doghouse lunch in a Yumbox

Bento lunch 2: Dog in doghouse cute lunch. I used the bread end for the dog and cheddar cheese for his collar, a dot of food safe marker for the eye. Alongside are pineapple chunks, strawberries, fruit snack, organic celery sticks and ranch dip in the small container. This lunch is packed in a leak proof Yumbox panino.

Dolphins lunch in Bentology living box

Bento lunch 3: A couple of dolphin shaped sandwiches with candy eyes, organic granola bar, Babybel cheese with a small dolphin cut-out, watermelon chunks with a cute pick, organic baby carrots with dip in the small container, far right is Clif Kid berry fruit stick. This lunch is packed in a Bentology living bento box.

Elephant And Baby Elephant Bento Lunch In Planetbox

Bento lunch 4: Elephant with baby elephant sandwich with Colby cheese ears Mozzarella cheese tusks and candy eye. The baby's eyes are food save marker. Sides are strawberries with an elephant pick, seedless grapes, choc covered sunflower seeds, cheese sandwich crackers, ranch dip in the small elephant container and cucumber slices. Packed in Planetbox.

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  1. These lunches are very cute! I just ordered this set and can't wait to get it!

    1. Thank you Lisa! Hope that you like the set as much as we do!:)




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