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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

WarmKeeper System Review

A nice warm lunch is always welcome, but especially at this time of year. With that thought in mind, I am excited to introduce you all to the WarmKeeper System! This great kit is perfect for keeping foods such as leftovers, meatballs, pasta, chicken nuggets, pizza, fried rice, and more warm, which kids and adults alike prefer.

It is made of a modern Neoprene high tech fabric which has a fashionable appearance while effectively insulating and keeping foods warm for about 4-6 hours. You may purchase just the HotSleeve separately or get the entire package with a messenger style lunch bag which is highly insulated as well.

The WarmKeeper Sleeve is available in two sizes. The one shown here measures approximately 8 inches by 7 inches and fits the Junior Messenger Bag. These sleeves and bags are made in the USA using highest quality Neoprene, and are machine washable in cold water.
The included food storage container measures 4" x 4" x 2" and is BPA free, microwave and dishwasher safe, and made in Canada. It will hold 16 oz. of food, or you can use your own container, as long as it fits nicely in the WarmKeeper sleeve.

Our son loves a warm lunch especially on a chilly or rainy day, and it is a great feeling for me to know that with WarmKeeper he will have a warm lunch waiting for him. WarmKeeper is truly fantastic for other times as well! Its size also makes it quite handy for work, traveling, visiting theme parks, or for taking along for short trips on the weekends.

WarmKeeper System Review. Great for warm meals on the go and keeps food warm for hours.

First, let me show you, in the photo below, what comes with the WarmKeeper junior system. While the items are also available separately from the WarmKeeper site, they really do work so well together.
  •  Messenger style bag of high tech neoprene fabric with a great look.
  •  A matching sleeve with hook and loop style closure.
  •  A food storage container.
  •  Two cherry pit filled cotton packs. (These work GREAT!) 
WarmKeeper System Review. Great for warm meals on the go and keeps food warm for hours.

It is easy to use these to great effect. First you fill your container with hot food. The container provided can be used in a microwave, so you can heat your lunch right in the container. If you use another, check first of course. Make sure the food is thoroughly heated. Place the container into the sleeve. Place the bags of cherry pits in a bowl or on a paper towel and put them into the microwave to heat for 30 to 90 seconds. Test and shake the bags in 30 second intervals. You will want them fairly hot to the touch, but don't burn them! Hot? Good; now put them into the sleeve with the food container and seal the end. Lastly, put the sleeve into the WarmKeeper messenger bag, or another good quality bag of your choice, and it is ready for taking to school or work. One feature I especially like about this messenger bag is that the sleeve fits flat in the bottom, so normally the lunch will remain pretty much as it was packed earlier.

WarmKeeper System Review. Great for warm meals on the go and keeps food warm for hours.

The Photos above show:
  1. The lunch I wanted to keep warm by lunch time. I packed this leftovers nitrate free chicken nuggets and organic pasta in our Lunchbots Duo (this container measures 6" x 5" x 1.75" and works great with the WarmKeeper). I heated the leftovers in a microwave safe plate before transferring them into the lunchbox.
  2. Fitting it into the sleeve.
  3. Adding the cherry pit bags.
  4. Sealing them inside the sleeve.
The photo below shows how nicely the sleeve fits flat into the bottom of the bag. The trick I use is to hold the sleeve horizontal as I fit the bag around it.

WarmKeeper System Review. Great for warm meals on the go and keeps food warm for hours.

Even with the sleeve inside, there is room for other tasty foods or snacks you might like to add.

There is this that I would also like to share with you about this company, and it gives me a great feeling: WarmKeeper is an American company and they employ local high school youth giving them an opportunity to learn the challenges and joys of business as it should be. I hope you will visit their site to learn more. While you are enjoying their site you will have an opportunity to sign up for their newsletter which is both informative, with occasional discount offers, and entertaining with kitchen stories and recipes.

WarmKeeper System Review. Great for warm meals on the go and keeps food warm for hours.

This system truly works! For an extra bonus, you can use use the promo code '40%' at checkout on WarmKeeper site, and get 40% off your purchase!

You can also find this WarmKeeper System available at Amazon. Please note that the promo code is not valid on Amazon.

Disclosure: WarmKeeper generously provided me with the products for review without cost to me. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Great review, and looks like a great set! The lunches look yummy!




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