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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

4 Winter Themed Lunches

We had a rather warm Christmas last year and I always envy those who have a snowy Christmas, like the holiday movies on Hallmark channel. Of course, my hubby reminds me that the snow is a little less of a joy when you are stuck in it or need to shovel it off of your driveway and sidewalk. These winter themed lunches were enjoyed by Nikolai last year, before his winter break.

Snowman Winter Theme Lunch In Easylunchboxes.

Bento lunch 1: Snowman sandwich which was easy to make, just required a circle cookie cutter for snowman's face, choc chips for eyes and mouth and a carrot nose. Alongside are snow shaped mozzarella cheese slices. He also had snowflake Ritz crackers, orange slices and seedless red grapes.

Snowflakes on King's Hawaiian buns winter theme lunch in Easylunchboxes.

Snowflakes are certainly winter theme, right? As we are here in Florida, I couldn't just step outside for the experience, I did find an interesting, actually an amazing bit of info stating that Guinness World Records lists a flake fifteen inches wide!

Bento lunch 2: A couple of King's Hawaiian buns with snowflake picks, some snowflake crackers, and a couple of star shaped cookies from Trader Joe's. Sides are some sugar snap peas and cinnamon applesauce.

Snowflakes bento lunch in Easylunchboxes.

Bento lunch 3: A couple of snowflake sandwiches made with my big snowflake cutter/stamper set, snowflake crackers, cheese sticks with a snow and mittens pick. In the other sections are snowflake bars and some apple slices.

BRR, it's cold outside Winter theme lunch in Easylunchboxes

Bento lunch 4: A sandwich with BRR lettering cut from mild cheddar cheese, some snowflake crackers and a Babybel cheese with a snowflake cut-out. The other sections contain sugar snap peas, organic baby carrots and kiwi slices.

4 Winter Themed School Lunches

Here are all four of them together! These lunches were packed in our Easylunchboxes.

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