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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

I Love You Valentine's Day Bento Lunch

Happy Valentine's Day! For this wonderful day, I packed a fun I ❤️️ You bento lunch for Nikolai. These three simple, yet powerful words are used very often by our family. We say it quite frequently, even sometimes when just passing each other in the hallway.

I Love You Valentine's Day Bento Lunch

In this bento lunch: I used my alphabet cookie cutter for the lettering and a small heart cutter for the ❤️️, which I used to top the two stacked sandwich halves. Alongside are cucumber slices which I also cut into heart shapes and put in a red silicone cup. These are in the main section along with an organic granola bar cut into half. He also had Annie's organic cheddar snacks and a silicone cup full of watermelon cut into heart shapes in the other sections. This lunch was packed in our Easylunchboxes.

Do you have any plans for this Valentine's Day? Since it falls on a weekday, we made reservations for dinner and will try not to stay up too late. I wish that it's a holiday!!!

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