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Monday, April 3, 2017

2 Non Sandwich Lunches In Leak Proof Yumbox

Nikolai loves lunchables style lunches and I'm guessing that he likes to assemble them at school.:) Lately, he has been asking for Ritz crackers almost daily and according to him, a majority of his friends also pack them for their lunches. Of course, I'm always happy to oblige.

Both of these lunches were packed in his leak-proof Yumbox panino.

Butterfly themed lunchables in leak-proof Yumbox

In this bento lunch: Main compartment contains nitrate free salami topped with a butterfly shaped smoked Gouda cheese, slices of mozzarella string cheese in our favorite square silicone cup, Ritz crackers and a small pecan pie. His sides were sugar snap peas topped with another slice of butterfly shaped cheese, fruit snacks, and seedless grapes.

I've been using these eye picks a lot lately. It brightens up any simple lunch and they are super adorable.

Tortilla wraps for school lunch in leakproof Yumbox

In this bento lunch: A couple of tortilla roll-ups secured with cute eye picks, Pirate's booty, fruit snacks, goldfish crackers and organic apple sauce. Apple sauce is one of those foods that require a leak-proof container like this Yumbox. Fun lunch! Easy peasy!

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