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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Soccer and Basketball Themed Lunches

We had a great Spring Break and Easter. Now, once again, it's back to basics, and I can't wait for our Summer break! These lunches were enjoyed by Nikolai months ago or perhaps from last school year, lol. Seriously, I have a bunch of photos of lunches which he enjoyed last school year which I haven't posted.

From our Lunch Punch Sporty set, I have created a football and baseball lunches along with these soccer and basketball themed lunches.

The first one featured in this post is the basketball lunch. The sandwich is cut and stamped with the basketball cutter/stamper from the set and combined with a granola bar and sliced string cheese and put into a silicone cup. Another silicone cup was used for the grapes. Organic baby carrots and cucumber slices complete this lunch which was packed in an Easylunchboxes container.

Basketball themed school lunch.

The second lunch for this post was also packed in an Easylunchboxes. It features a sandwich cut and stamped as a soccer ball combined with a Babybel cheese in the main section. Green grapes are above right with a soccer ball pick in a silicone cup and on the left are some cheese crackers.

Soccer themed school lunch.

These are a couple more examples to show that fun lunches can be made in a jiffy with a few picks and a small set of cutters and stampers.

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