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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Butterfly On Sandwich Thins, Bento Lunch #221

This is another lunch box that I purchased for $1 and some change from Old Navy the other day.

  • Top Tier- Sandwich thins. I cut the top of the bread out with a butterfly cookie cutter. Colby and fruit leather accents.
  • Bottom tier-Organic baby carrots,yogurt covered raisins,bagel thins(cinnamon raisin),strawberry slices

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  1. Is the other day, really the other day? Are they for sale at Old Navy right now? I just went "bento box hunting" at World Market,TJMAXX, and a last resort at Ross. I didn't find what I wanted. I did how ever find some cute cups at world market, they're pink flowers, but I love your box here. <3
    Your bento looks really good!!

  2. Cat,
    I think I got it 1-2 weeks ago and they were under 'clearance' section. No idea whether they still have them or not. Here is where I usually order my bento items online
    Good luck on your search :)

  3. Cute sandwich! And I love this box too, great bargain again. So envious. :))

  4. Bentomonsters, thanks for your kind comment :)
    Have a nice weekend!

  5. That's a great box... Don't you just love Sandwich thins? They open up the world of "sandwiches!!"

  6. Thanks Julie! Yes, LOVE those sandwich thins :)