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Friday, September 21, 2012

The Lunch Punch VRRRM and Sweet Sets Review, Truck Bento Lunch

I have been given the opportunity to try out two sets of The Lunch Punch.
Lunch Punch are cool sandwich cutters that cut off the crust and cut sandwiches into fun, interactive and educational shapes. Lunch Punch makes any lunch special, easy, fun, and healthy.

The VRRRM  set comes with 4 transportation shapes: cool car, aeroplane in cloud , truck with cargo and train with caboose. Here is todays bento with a truck theme.

In this bento: Circle shaped watermelon slices, crinkle cut organic carrots, truck shaped sandwich using the VRRRM cutter from the lunch punch set, colby and provolone truck accent with olive wheels, the cargo are pieces of ham and bread secured with a food pick. Truck is on a road of raisins. Packed in Easylunchboxes.

The SWEET set is a themed set of a 4 sandwich cutters .The SWEET set contains a Birthday cake shape sandwich cutter, a cupcake shape sandwich cutter, a gumball machine shape sandwich cutter and a ice-cream cone shape sandwich cutter.

Lunch Punch are great for sandwiches, cakes, cookies and more. Designed to capture the most amount of bread to minimize waste, BPA free, lead free, mercury free, phthalate free! Kid friendly, dishwasher safe and fully recyclable.
I am looking forward to using other shapes in the sets.

 Here are tips from their site about how to make lunch like a legend!
  • Use Fresh Bread. Soft, fresh bread works best.  Dry, old bread doesn’t go into the shape as well and is difficult to cut.
  • Use A Cutting Board. Make sure your surface is 100% flat.  Plates are not 100% flat, even though they often appear to be.  If you have trouble cutting all the way through your sandwich the first step is to switch to a cuttingboard instead of a plate.
  • Press down firmly. Place BOTH hands on top of The Lunch Punch® and press straight down, hard into the sandwich.  You will need to press down rather firmly.  Its not difficult, but give it a very big push down to begin with.  Then if you need a little extra kick to make the cut all the way though…
  • Twist it back and forth a few times. Once you’ve pressed down as hard as you can then twist the cutter back and forth a few times.  When you hear the plastic cutter scrapping on the cutting board you know it is cut completely through.  The pressure and twisting you need to cut a sandwich may vary.  Often the ease of the cut will depend on the sandwich fillings you use (example: peanut butter, obviously, being easier to cut than ham).

    Here are the supplies that I used.

Disclosure: Lunch Punch generously provided me with the items with no obligation to review or promote their products. The opinion express is entirely my own.

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  1. I love all the cheese details on the truck!

  2. OMG. I LOVE this Rina! It looks incredible!!!!!

    1. Michelle, thanks for your kind comment and glad that you love it!:)

  3. So cute Rina!! You have such a wonderful pick collection, they compliment your adorable truck sammie perfectly!

  4. Love, love ur truck bento. :) I just got my lunch punch yesterday, I asked for SWEETs n puzzle. I think I'm keeping both sets too. :)

    1. Thanks so much Ming! Glad you received yours too and they are too cute to do a giveaway ^_^. I am lazy to do giveaways lately and prefer to do reviews, so much easier, hehehe:)




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