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Monday, October 22, 2012

Bento Lunch: Halloween Bear in Pumpkin Costume bento

As you might know, N loves anything teddy bear and I saw this cute teddy krispies over at Hungry Happenings. I was inspired by her creativity and here is my version for N's school lunch.

Halloween Bear in Pumpkin Costume bento lunch

In this bento:
  • Strawberry slices and green grapes.
  • Grape tomatoes above a bed of lettuce. I thought it looks like pumpkins in a patch.
  • Bear shaped whole wheat sandwich with candy eyes and raisin nose. Secured with tiny dot of honey. Bears costume is from colby cheese and nori accent. Bear is holding a pumpkin basket with nori accent and food safe marker for handle.
  • Trader Joe's mini rye toast in MiniDippers. Packed in an EasyLunchBoxes container.

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  1. This is too cute!! I was planning a Rilakkuma in pumpkin for next wk. :)

    1. Thanks so much Ming!:) Looking forward to seeing Rilakkuma :)

  2. This is so creative! Well done!

  3. Having a cow over how cute and creative this is!!!!!

  4. how cool, Rina :)
    the party picks are so handy... wish to have one :) Haha..

    1. Yenny, glad you like it!:) Yes, those picks could make a difference in a bento especially simple ones!:)

  5. I loved this lunch so much Rina! I used the candyholder idea of yours...but yours is way cuter! Adorable!

    1. Berrygirl, thanks so much. Looking forward to seeing yours and I am sure it is cute! :-)