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Monday, January 5, 2015

DIY Winter themed lunchables and Snowflake bento

Happy New Year 2015, and may this be your best year yet! I hope you had a refreshing and relaxing holiday. We had a wonderful time with family and friends as always.

Now that a new year has begun, it's back to basics time, which means back to packing school lunches. But first, I'd like to show some of last years lunches that didn't get posted, I seem to have a lot, so maybe this whole month I'll be posting back log lunches, lol. Here are a couple of lunches which Nikolai had enjoyed.

The first one is this DIY winter themed lunchables, packed in an Easylunchboxes container.

DIY lunchables, winter themed bento school lunch.

In this lunchables.
  • Main compartment: Applegate brand uncured organic Genoa salami, Asiago and cheddar snowflake shaped cheese, snowflake shaped crackers and organic Jammy sammy.
  • Top right: Kiwi slices.
  • Bottom right: Broccoli florets and grape tomatoes with a mitten cupcake pick.
Here is a Snowflake bento packed in a Fit and Fresh lunchbox.

Snowflakes, snowman, winter, bento lunch

In this bento lunch:
  • Main compartment: Snowflake sandwiches (stacked), snowflakes sprinkles and a marshmallow snowman (his face is a cupcake pick and buttons of food safe marker).
  • Top left: Pear and strawberry slices with a winter wonderland cupcake pick.
  • Bottom left: Organic baby carrots, a snowflake cupcake ring, snowflake cut-out on babybel cheese.
Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack these lunches.

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  1. Both are lovely! It's back to school for us, I missed the holidays.

    1. Thank you Ming! I am still trying to get used to getting up earlier than usual, and I miss the holidays too.

  2. Love these bentos! Both are so cute and nicely done!




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