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Monday, January 26, 2015

Roll-ups/ Pinwheels lunches in Easylunchboxes

Happy Monday, and I hope you had a great weekend. It's raining and gloomy this morning, but I am thankful for the nice weather during the weekend. Today I would like to share with you how some of the lunches I made did not turn out looking how I wanted them to be. But hey, I've learned that as long as it is not school lunch, Nikolai doesn't mind at all. I don't always make cute lunches and many days the lunches that I packed did not make it to this blog, they may have been leftovers from dinner or some simple ones like these.

Nikolai loves Asiago cheese and turtles, but I was in a hurry and decided to make roll-ups with a turtle cup and cupcake pick but these roll-ups did not turn out quite right. The cheese was too thick and was a challenge to roll. On the bright side, he came home with an almost empty lunch box except a few baby carrots.

These simple lunches were packed in our Easylunchboxes container.

Roll-ups lunch, Quick and Easy bento school lunch
In this bento lunch:
  • Main compartment: Roll-ups sandwiches and seedless red grapes in a turtle shaped silicone cup. (I always flatten the bread slightly with a rolling pin whenever I make roll-ups sandwiches).
  • Top right: Goldfish crackers.
  • Bottom right: Organic baby carrots with a turtle cupcake pick
Here is another roll-ups lunch which took me less than 10 minutes to pack.

Roll-ups lunch, Quick and Easy bento school lunch

In this bento lunch:
  • Main compartment: Roll-ups sandwiches, organic kiwi and strawberry slices in a silicone cup. Chocolate covered sunflower seeds in the mini-dipper.
  • Top right: Organic baby carrots.
  • Bottom right: Popcorn with a cupcake ring.
Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack these lunches.

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