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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tea Sandwiches For Lunch in Easylunchboxes (4)

We are back after our short Spring Break, though I wished that it was a longer one. These lunches were enjoyed by Nikolai several months ago but I'm only now blogging about it. After I packed Nikolai's circle sandwiches it came to my mind that I should go ahead and make simple lunches for the week and combine them all in one post. Again, I found it difficult to come up with a title when I suddenly thought, 'tea sandwiches'! That, I decided, was a great thought as I had almost a week of quick and easy lunches planned.
Any filling or spread can be transformed into delightful finger sandwiches. Tea sandwiches are neat and fun and you can also use cookie cutters to create tea sandwiches that match the theme of your tea party!

I posted these four variations of tea sandwiches in our Easylunchboxes for school. While you scroll down, you can see the beautiful colors of the Easylunchboxes lids. Some are from our Easylunchboxes Classic set and some are from our Easylunchboxes Brights set.

Starting with the first bento lunch. The main compartment contains circle sandwiches topped with mild cheddar and Provolone cheese flowers and some wheat thins. His sides were slices of sweet peppers in a flower silicone cup and apple slices with a flower pick.

Circle flowers tea sandwiches, bento school lunches

The second bento lunch was triangle sandwiches with some cute baran sheets on a jumbo silicone cup and pretzel snaps. His sides were sweet bell peppers, strawberry slices and black grapes.

Triangle tea sandwiches, bento school lunches

The third bento lunch was square stamped sandwiches and a string cheese. His sides were crinkle cut cucumber slices, cantaloupe and black grapes in a silicone cup with a bear pick.

Square tea sandwiches, bento school lunches

The fourth and last of these bento lunches had rectangle sandwiches separated with baran sheets and organic granola bar. His sides were cucumber slices, sweet peppers, half of an apple with a tulip flower cut-out.

Rectangle tea sandwiches, bento school lunches

Below is a collage for those who might like to pin.
4 Tea Sandwiches For Lunch in Easylunchboxes

Here are the supplies or similar that I used to create and pack these lunches.

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