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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

PlanetBox JetPack Backpack and Carry Bag Review

The wonderful people over at PlanetBox continue to amaze me! Recently they sent me their Jetpack Backpack and a Carry Bag. These are two great items designed to be very practical in use and made to a high standard of quality for durability.

The Jetpack is a brilliant combination of a spacious backpack, into which you might put the usual collection of school supplies, books, notebooks, laptop, and such, with a special compartment below for holding any Planetbox, or many other lunch containers, in a horizontal position. This special compartment has its own zippered access so when it is time to eat, everything else can stay put while you slide your lunch out from its hiding place.

While writing this, Planetbox generously sent me another package which contains three of their ColdKits. I put one of them to use straight away so I could share my impression of the ColdKit with y'all. Continue reading and you will get to it.

PlanetBox JetPack Backpack and Carry Bag Review

In addition to the lower lunch storage compartment of the Jetpack backpack there are seven other pockets of various sizes, four of which have zippered closures and there are also two water bottle sized pockets at the sides, which are the perfect place to securely carry your BottleRocket or any beverage container. This is a good sized bag with a base of 13 inches x 12.5 inches and a height of 17 inches. While their site, Planetbox recommends it for children over eight years old, its 30 liter capacity is very nice for older students or adults with lots to carry!

The bag is made of a recycled polyester fabric that has been independently certified to be free of phthalates, BPA, and lead. It has adjustable shoulder straps that are sturdy, well padded, and very comfortable. There is also another sturdy loop at the top.

This great bag is available in six attractive patterns. The one Nikolai chose is the one shown here and is known as the Nebula design.  

Planetbox Jetpack Backpack Review

The PlanetBox Carry Bag is a great companion for your PlanetBox Rover or Launch. This is an insulated bag that, like all their products, is of the highest quality materials and workmanship. Inside it has a TPU coating for super easy clean-up while outside there is a snack pocket and a bottle pouch which accommodates not only their attractive BottleRocket but most bottles up to three inches in diameter. The Carry Bag strap is sturdy and adjustable.

Planetbox Carrybag Review

This lunch, packed in a PlanetBox Rover includes a sandwich shaped as a car with windows, wheels, and stripe cut from Colby cheese, tires cut from nori, and a pick. In addition there is a granola bar with bunny crackers, seedless red grapes, sugar snap peas with ranch for dip in the small container and some yogurt covered raisins. A couple of fun picks were also added.

Car lunch in a Planetbox rover.

The convenient ColdKit that I mentioned earlier, which can keep your lunch cold up to eight hours, fits perfectly in the mesh pocket of the Carry Bag and will also fit their Slim Sleeve and Shuttle Carry Bag. Their ColdKit consists of an ice pack of purified water and a washable fabric sleeve. This combination is easy to use, as it can be put into the freezer with or without the sleeve, and the fabric sleeve solved the excess condensation problem that I've experienced with some other attempts to keep the lunches cold. Nikolai reported to me that indeed his lunch was kept cold till his lunch time.

Planetbox ColdKit review

I have previously published reviews of the PlanetBox RoverPlanetBox Launch, PlanetBox Shuttle and the adorable PlanetBox BottleRocket. I'm sure that like all of these, the Jetpack Backpack and the Carry Bag will also be a joy to use for many years. For information on their complete collection, and view all their wonderful designs and options, I urge you to visit their site at www.planetbox.com

Disclosure: PlanetBox generously provided me with the products for review without cost to me. Other than receiving the products, I have not received any compensation to write this review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Great review, Rina! My kids would love the backpack! Is it heavy?

    1. Thanks Olivia! I'm pleasantly surprised that it's light weigh! It's almost the same weight compared to Nikolai's Under Armour and Nike backpacks!




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