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Monday, November 3, 2014

Pancakes breakfast for lunch And Tortilla roll-ups bento in Easylunchboxes

Happy Monday, I hope y'all had a great weekend! Back to basics after posting some Halloween themed lunches, and I have to clear up my back log lunches which were packed a month or so ago. The first lunch is a Panda themed breakfast for lunch, it was very easy as all I needed to do was add some Panda shaped picks, baran and a Panda shaped side container. The organic maple syrup was packed in our leakproof mini dipper and the entire breakfast was packed in an Easylunchboxes container.

Pancakes Breakfast for Lunch,Bento School Lunches

In this breakfast for lunch:
  • Mini pancakes with Panda picks, organic maple syrup in mini dipper, sunflower seeds in Panda shaped container and organic baby carrots.
  • Morning Star Farms veggie burger slices topped with a baran sheet.
  • Organic peach pieces in a silicone cup.
This next bento was packed in a hurry. It was tortilla roll-ups, and to make it a little cute I included a Mickey container and pick. This lunch was also packed in an Easylunchboxes container.

Tortilla roll-ups/pinwheels, BentoSchool Lunches

In this bento lunch:
  • Strawberry and cream cheese tortilla roll-ups, organic kiwi slices, whole wheat crackers and a spoon for the apple sauce.
  • Organic baby carrots and hummus in the Mickey container.
  • Organic apple sauce in mini dipper.
Here are the supplies that I used to create and pack these lunches.

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  1. Fun lunches! Breakfast for lunch is a hit with my family!

  2. Both look so yummy! Definitely love pancakes any time of the day!




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